Sax Syntax

Colfax Avenue is the longest commercial street in the United States, stretching from the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, through the bustle and traffic of downtown Denver, ending in the tiny town of Strasburg in Colorado’s eastern plains.  Similarly, the first movement of Sax Syntax moves from busy, frantic energy to open, pastoral sweep.

Borax is a powdery white mineral used in many household cleaning products.  It was first mined and transported by 20-mule teams out of Death Valley, whose sere, alien landscape inspired the second movement.

The thorax is the midsection of a bug.

I. Colfax

II. Borax

III. Thorax

Written by Max Wolpert


Brandon Quarles, soprano saxophone

Hunter Bockes, alto saxophone

Jordan Lulloff, tenor saxophone

János Csontos, baritone saxophone

Recorded live at Grusin Recital Hall, January 29, 2020

Dustin Rumsey, engineer

Program Note