I. Môr Iwerddon, 538 A.D.

II. Prayer

III. Now, As For the Rabbits...

Written by Max Wolpert

Brett Deubner, viola

Bismarck–Mandan Symphony Orchestra

Beverly Everett, conductor

Recorded live at Belle Mehus Auditorium, September 19, 2020

St. Melangell's Voyage Across the Sea

St. Melangell was an Irish princess who fled her homeland to escape an unwanted arranged marriage. Sailing across the Irish Sea, she settled in Powys, in central Wales. For fifteen years she lived as a hermit, without seeing another human being, until it happened that Brochwel, the prince of Powys, went hunting hares in the forest where she dwelt. The hare, pursued by Brochwel’s hounds, took refuge under Melangell’s cloak, and the dogs refused to go near. When the huntsman attempted to blow his horn to urge the hounds onward, the sound faltered and the horn stuck to his lips. The prince, seeing that she was surely a holy woman, granted Melangell those lands to build an abbey. Her church of Pennant Melangell stands in Wales to this day, and she is recognized as the patron saint of hares, rabbits, and small woodland animals.

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