Monster Dances

Our Cast of Characters

  • Firbeck

    • It is a sleepy village, small, prosperous, out-of-the-way. Of course, no one will speak of what happened to the vicar’s wife, and it doesn’t do to look at the church steeple once the sun goes down.

  • Myling

    • When she was a living child, her parents lay stupid with drink instead of giving her food to eat. Now that she is dead, she does not let them sleep.

  • Galleytrot

    • A great black dog, regal in bearing, they say her paws leave no mark on the moors. She protects her people, but her eyes burn with cold phosphorescence.

  • Shadmock

    • His high collar and lace cravat speak of noble birth. But at night, an uncanny whistling can be heard from under the eaves of the manor house.

  • Our full cast of characters will reunite in the suite's final dance, MASH.

Commissioned by Consortium

Brett Deubner  [Aaron Copland School of Music, Queens College], primary commissioner
Jordan Bak  [University of North Carolina School of the Arts]
Hannah E. Barton  [DePaul University]  Chicago, IL
Sam Bergman  Minneapolis, MN
Aria Cheregosha  [Tallā Rouge Viola Duo]
Steph Dye & Andy Martone  St. Louis, MO
Erika Eckert  [University of Colorado Boulder College of Music]  Boulder, CO
Korine Fujiwara
Vidushi Goyal
Jordan M Holloway  [Dad Village Symphony Orchestra]

Sarah Hubbard  [Flobots]
Erin Napier
Bailey Newman  Plymouth, MN
Morgan Smith Owen  [University of South Carolina]  Columbia, SC

Andy Reiner  [Fiddle Hell, Rustic Roots Retreat]  Black Hawk, CO

Dr. Robyn Savitzky  [Artist-in-Residence at Miami Cancer Institute]
Conrad R Sclar  Midland, TX
Lauren Spaulding  [Thalea String Quartet, Tallā Rouge Viola Duo]  Mt. Rainier, MD
Mason Spencer
Nicholas Tisherman  [Colorado Symphony]  Denver, CO
Alexander Vittal  Denver, CO

Exclusive to consortium members until June 1, 2024