Four Corners

I. How the West Was Swung

II. True Blue North

III. East Coast Toast

IV. Mouth Full of South

Commissioned by the Colorado Brass Quintet & the Allan

McMurray Foundation
For brass quintet
Composed in 2019/22 ~ Duration: 17 minutes
Recording coming soon!

The Sun's Spinning-wheel

Commissioned by ~Nois
For saxophone quartet
Composed in 2021 ~ Duration: 8 minutes
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I. It Has Pockets.

II. You're Going Down!

III. How About This Weather?

IV. Well, That's Your Opinion...

Written for HOCKET

For piano four-hands

Composed in 2020 ~ Duration: 4 minutes

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Sax Syntax

I. Colfax

II. Borax

III. Thorax

Written for ~Nois

For saxophone quartet

Composed in 2019 ~ Duration: 11 minutes

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Carnival of Curiosities

I. Carousel in Retrograde

II. Midnight Calliope

III. Wax Bullet, Carved With a Smile

Commissioned by Trebuchet Wind Trio

For flute, oboe, and clarinet/bass clarinet

Composed in 2019 ~ Duration: 10.5 minutes

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Meeting Place

Composed by Leon Joseph Littlebird & Max Wolpert

Original themes composed by Leon Joseph Littlebird

Commissioned by the Breckenridge Music Festival

For Native flutes, Western flute, oboe, bassoon, and double bass

Composed in 2019 ~ Duration: 9 minutes

Recording coming soon!

String Quartet #3, "Lid un Tantsn"

I. Di Fir-Tsvelf tsu Minsk

II. Dem Kindsnign

III. Reb Nikolays Bulgar

Written for the Ajax String Quartet

Composed in 2018 ~ Duration: 12 minutes

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The Unstrung Harp

Commissioned by the Boulder Altitude Directive

For flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, and percussion

Composed in 2017/18 ~ Duration: 6 minutes
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Shadow Puppets

Written for Grant Larson

For alto saxophone, violin, cello, and piano

Composed in 2016 ~ Duration: 8 minutes

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String Quartet #2, "Myths"

I. The Mórrígan

II. What Daedalus Built

III. Hugin & Munin

Composed in 2014/15 ~ Duration: 18 minutes

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Three Petite Dances

I. Polska

II. Pas de Deux

III. Jig

For violin and cello (or violin and viola)

Composed in 2014 ~ Duration: 4 minutes

String Quartet #1, "Song of Four"

I. Edgar, Bound in Earth
II. Annabelle Dreams of the Sea
III. Daphne's Soul on Fire
IV. Girard Watches Clouds Change

Composed in 2013 ~ Duration: 16 minutes


For three violins

Composed in 2013 ~ Duration: 3.5 minutes

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